E x p e r i e n c e s & A m e n i t i e s


Divinity with Luxury!

Dollar’s Divine Club has a vast 12 Acre campus with curated divine experiences for our members. Each of these experiences is handcrafted and personalized to make your stay at Tirupati – a memorable one. We recommend you try our experiences before darshanam to come out of your everyday tensions and have a relaxed mind to make the most out of your Tirupati darshanam.

Relax & Rejuvenate

A y u r v e d i c S p a

Start with a relaxing Spa session

Ayurveda is an ancient science of treatment and therapy that heals, refreshes revive, and rejuvenates your body, mind, and spirit. Experience a holistic approach to health and healing at Dollar’s Grand Club – Devotion with Luxury. The spa provides a variety of treatments for you from therapeutic to pure relaxation. Hygiene and high levels of your satisfaction are the hallmarks of the spa. A team of highly qualified and dedicated doctors and therapists ensures a high level of service is extended to you with different kinds of therapies or you can simply pamper yourself with our beauty treatment

S h a n t i S t h a l a m

Meditate with peace at our silent hall

It is a potent meditation area where one can practise attentive meditation even for beginners without exerting much effort since the design of the room encourages mindfulness, makes it simple to meditate, and promotes Shanthi /mental balance and peace.

S p i r i t u a l P a r k

Take a relaxing walk at the foothills

A nature’s lap! Take relaxing steps into the spiritual park and breathe fresh air, unwind from life’s chaos and connect to oneself spiritually. Spend an ample amount of time in the green lush beautiful garden and add more grace to your mental peace.

S a t h v i k F o o d

Enjoy the sathvik (vegan) delicacies of South India

Sattvic meals are intended to boost vitality, happiness, tranquilly, and mental clarity in Ayurvedic practice. In actuality, this means choosing meals that are enjoyable, fresh, nutritional, and vegetarian.

Enjoy a genuine and delicious sattvic diet that consists of light and beneficial foods for the body.

M i n i T h e a t r e

Enjoy infotainment at the theatre!

Watch, learn and enjoy exclusive divine documentaries related to the town of Tirumala Temple, the history of Tirupati etc. at our luxurious mini theatre with comfortable seating, great sounding experience & ambient atmosphere. Witness a true movie experience in comfort!

S w i m m i n g P o o l

Exclusive family pool for guests!

The family swimming pool for a fun time family for swimmers. Dedicated clean pool area with separate shower areas, you and your kids can spend an ample amount of fun time at this swimming pool. We never fail to have regular necessary hygienic measures

Dharmic Rituals

G o s h a l a

Gopooja to complete your daivik parikrama

The cow is believed to be as holy as nearly 36 deities have resided in its body. And can bring you wealth, prosperity, and comfort. Cow Pooja is a ritual that you and Dollars Grand Child perform to remember the significance of the cow and to express gratitude and respect for the cm. The sacred rite bears a deep universal significance and is a beautiful spiritual symbol.

M u k t h i S t h a l a m

A homagundam for your pious needs

The five elements are present inside of you just as they are in the universe and the world around us, throughout the being. There are two types of Agni (fire): Jatara-Agni, which is the digestive fire in the physical body & Bhoota-Agni, which is the internal spiritual fire in the subtle body. While bhoota-Agni burns late only as a dim, flickering flame in you, Jatara-Agni burns brightly. Because your Bhoota-Agni burns inefficiently, one must use an external fire to invoke the deity so that the deity may accept your offerings directly from the external fire. As you perform the various human tasks here at Dollars Divine Club, the deity rewards you for your good deed.

Do more than just a stay!

E x c l u s i v e C o n v e t i o n / B a n q u e t H a l l s

A lavish hall that meets your family celebrations!

A great luxurious and hygienic space to host your gatherings and functions. Celebrate one’s special purpose, it can accommodate your hosting of large social events like weddings, receptions, Shasti Poorthi, Birthdays, and Naamakaranam events. Contact us to know more.

C r e c h e f o r K i d s

A homagundam for your pious needs

Have a worry free darshanam while your kids enjoy their time at the creche.